Animation Wednesday #1

Exciting news! launching a fresh new Things Dre Makes website today and starting a new creative challenge for myself I'll be posting a mini illustrated gif every Wednesday to get more familiar with the magic of animation. Follow along on all the social medias under the hashtag #animationwednesdre. Enjoy all the things!

Mindfump & Mental Health Awareness Month

May is mental health awareness month. Proud to announce that I've teamed up with Mindfump a humorous daily blog about mental health + bonus illustrations, and wrote a guest post about my personal experiences on the topic. Head to the blog to read the full post and fun prompt for you. We came up with a fun task for you to get involved in we're calling #PersonifyME in which you visualize/personify a difficult emotion or anxiety you've been grappling with and post it to social media with the hashtag #PersonifyME. Head to the blog post for backstory and details. If we get at least 15 submissions, you get a chance to win an awesome giveaway via snail mail full of arts, stickers, magnets and tons of other treats! Here I've posted my attempt at personifying my Inner Critic...what a bitch. Pumped to see what you guys come up with!

April Sale in the shop

April's my favorite month for many reasons: spring, better weather, Bdays and weddings of some of my fave ppl, new life and new beginnings. It also marks 3 years since I made the big move to Europe (#yolo). To honor my favorite month, Things Dre Makes is having its first sale ever! Enter code BELIEVEINSPRING at checkout and get 15% off orders > 15€. Sale ends when April does.

Broke my Hand...Oops

Broke my metacarpal bone a few weeks ago (luckily not my drawing hand!) and have been sporting the worlds fattest cast known to man.

Mural Painting Wknd

Pimped my Oma's mossy garden wall this weekend. Here are a few process pics and a before and after shot. If you have a sad wall that needs a makeover, give me a shout! I'd love to help :)

Happy International Women's Day!

So incredibly proud to be a woman and to have so many women in my life who I admire for their constant strength that they emit in all sorts of different forms. We are superheroes. Straight up. Happy International Women's Day!

You Must Believe in Spring

Have been feeling particularly lethargic and blue this frigid winter, so I made this little animation as a reminder that there's always spring and new life after winter, you just gotta believe it's on its way. Inspired by some lyrics my dad sent me

Morning Doodle

Trying to find peace is an interesting journey. We are all stardust...💫

No Ban, No Wall.

Been super homesick these past few days and horrified at what's going on back home. Wishing I could stand with you all in the most beautiful and diverse city in protest of our tv president's latest executive order. Sending bouts of love and support from across the pond! 

For Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Whew, it's been a long and busy holiday market season for Things Dre Makes. BUT, if you're one of those super last-minute Christmas shoppers (me!), my stuff is still available at this unique Design Pop Up Store in Krieau organized by Allwecreatevienna. Right off the U2 stop Stadion. Really amazing pieces by a bunch of other young creatives. Support local artists and get something handmade for your trendiest of friends! Open M-F 13:00 - 20:00