Inspirational Interview

Really enjoyed this inspiring interview between 2 artists that I admire. Lisa Congdon interviews Scott Patt about his daily year-long project "Bigger. Smaller. Funnier." Particularly loved reading about his creative process in addition to some initial struggles and how he overcame those.

It made me recall my own experience doing a daily creative challenge (It was 100 days, not 365) and how rewarding and exhausting it was to produce something so consistently and watch myself improve and learn more about my style, how I work and where I need to improve. I'm also really glad I got over my anxieties, and shared my progress publicly on Instagram. Honestly, it was only because of that accountability that I was able to push through. If I would have done it only for myself, I probably wouldn't have gotten that far.

The interview kind of makes me want to step up my game from my 100 day art challenge to a 365 day art challenge...we shall see...